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More than 63 million cars on US roads have been recalled but never fixed, an astonishing increase of 34% from 2016. These are safety recalls that increase the risk of fires, crashes, airbag problems and more. Worse, the vehicles most likely affected are family-oriented ones: minivans and SUVs. Drivers who aren’t doing enough to stay informed about recalls on their vehicles are putting lives in danger.

1) 63M vehicles with open recalls is approximately 1 out of every 4 vehicles on the road now.
2) CA, TX and FL lead the nation with the most unfixed recalled vehicles; Los Angeles, New York City and Dallas-Ft. Worth are the top metro areas.

What’s available:
· Localized open recall statistics for your city/state
· A free resource, for your audience to check and monitor up to 5 vehicles for recalls.
· An interactive recall map, detailed infographic and tips to help people deal with auto recalls at

I am available for interview anytime and happy to provide information that helps you create a powerful story with local context for this important issue.

Christopher Basso Bio:

Chris Basso has a decade worth of automotive expertise to share. As the public relations manager for Carfax, he is an excellent resource for consumer stories regarding the buying and selling of used cars. Chris has detailed knowledge about a host of auto-related scams and fraud, and provides valuable insight that consumers can use to help buy safe, reliable used cars. He works closely with law enforcement investigators, auto mechanics and consumer organizations to stay current with hot issues and emerging trends.

Known for his quick wit and street-savvy conversations, Chris quickly brings car news home to local viewers and listeners in can-do terms that everyone understands.  His use of hard stats and real-world examples in interviews is why he is a recurring guest on many stations as their expert in anything automotive.

Chris frequently appears on local newscasts, including live morning shows, and has been featured on national programs such as Good Morning America, ABC™s The Lookout and PBS™ MotorWeek. He is based in the Washington, D.C. area and can easily travel to most major cities for interviews, even on short notice.


  • Tips to avoid auto ripoffs and fraud
  • How to be a smart car buyer
  • Details on emerging scams and growing problems affecting car buyers
  • How technology makes car buying better
  • Ways to take the pain out of car care

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